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среда, 26 июля 2017 г.

"Monetization" of business. How bitcoins will help entrepreneurs

The future of business behind the digital economy is a fact! Today up to 70% of all money transactions are carried out online. Cash gradually comes out of turnover, giving way to money information or electronic.

Bitcoin, by virtue of its specifics, can become an ideal resource for payments due to the absence of a commission for its use. This will allow the business to save millions of rubles a year, which were previously charged for the bank's work.

Here are a few reasons why you should use bitcoins:

Minimum commission for transfer. The use of bitcoins will allow you to leave the commission and additional payments, and the interest for using a credit card for operations with bitcoins will not exceed 1%

Irrevocable payments. Transactions with bitcoin are irreversible in nature. Any payment made in the bitcoin system can not be canceled or returned back, which often happens when using a credit card or electronic money.

High degree of protection of operations. Bitcoin inversion systems are more protected from fraudulent schemes. Also, bitcoins can not be stolen at the time of transactions, as happens when using payments by credit cards and electronic money.

The possibility of developing an international money transfer. Especially this service is beneficial for small businesses and start-ups. Such companies avoid selling their goods and services on the international market, as cross-border taxes remain quite high. The use of bitcoins makes it possible to reduce these costs several times, or to get away from them altogether.

Instant payments. Using bitcoin-payments, the recipient has instant access to finance, unlike other non-cash payments, the funds from which arrive at the seller's account within a few days to a week.

If the use of bitcoins is appropriate and justified, then why has this currency not yet been massed?
"The first reason restraining the circulation of bitcoins in business is the lack of a regulatory framework. Until now, the issue of circulation of the crypto currency has not been settled, although now there are discussions of a bill that would allow the circulation of information money at the state level. Secondly, most representatives of Russian business are simply not morally ready for the transition to the use of crypto-currency, preferring to conduct the enterprise's economy in rubles or dollars. Of course, the intangible currency is questionable. But the use of bitcoins will save thousands or tens of thousands of "real" money that used to go to pay taxes, bank fees and various additional costs. And the third reason is the low computerization of the country. In Russia there are still a lot of regions where there is no good Internet connection. In addition, people are slow to introduce new technologies, such as block, preferring to conduct all calculations in a familiar and understandable way. Even if it is not economically profitable. "
Where to begin
To start work with bitcoins in business, you need to choose a system of receiving payments, which is right for you. In the company BTC-UP, there are three possible variants of accepting bitcoin: payment systems, self-acceptance of crypto-currencies and peer-to-peer payments.

Let's consider these variants in more detail.
· Payment systems - the most simple and affordable way to receive and send bitcoin-payments. It is enough to create your own personal wallet. Using the systems will allow you to receive money immediately in the currency chosen by you, avoiding the volatility (variability) of the cost of bitcoin.

· The receipt of crypto currency is carried out on popular bitcoin-exchanges. The user just need to get his wallet, upload it to the computer and generate a bitcoin-address. The payment will go to your wallet through the exchange.

· Peer-to-peer payments. These are online payment systems, which are based on the transfer of funds from bank accounts of users to other accounts. At the same time, various services are used, which allow the transfer. Identification of the recipient and the sender occurs by means of entering the purse address, telephone number and e-mail

Therefore, when choosing a payment system, it is necessary to take into account the needs and capabilities of the bitcoin user.

Bitcoin-payments are ideal, both for online business and offline. It does not matter the size and profile of the company's activities, and the ability to make transcontinental payments with minimal costs makes this system most effective for business.

Who already works with bitcoins

Today in Russia there are a number of companies that accept payment for goods and services by bitcoins. Among them are bars and restaurants, law offices, computer games sites, online casinos, dating sites, book sellers, a brewery and even a well-known company WordPress is also ready to take bitcoins.
In addition, charitable organizations such as RedCross (Red Cross) and GreenPeace are working with bitcoins. Since for many domestic companies, charity is an integral part, it is possible to help needy people and animals with the help of crypto-currency.

Material: BTC - UP
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