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Сеть международных экспертов "Союзконсалт" - международный проектный офис для вашего бизнеса
Сеть международных экспертов "Союзконсалт" - экспорт, импорт, локализация, трансфер технологий.
Сеть международных экспертов "Союзконсалт" - инфраструктура развития человеческого капитала.
Сеть международных экспертов "Союзконсалт" - проектная команда более 1000 экспертов, собственников бизнеса.
Сеть международных экспертов "Союзконсалт" - эксперты обладающие знаниями в своем кластере.
Сеть международных экспертов "Союзконсалт" - в основе развития лежит научная концепция Эгомаркетинг.

Transfer Technology from Russia

Souzconsalt Transfer Technology is interested to represent your company on the territory of the Russian Federation and in the The Eurasian Union. We are located in Moscow and we have stable relationships with regional large and medium-sized enterprises. Moreover we are members of the chamber of Commerce of the Russian Federation.

Transfer Technology  from Russia

Souzconsalt Transfer Technology is the cluster of development of international experts net "Souzconsalt" which implements the state program of the Russian Federation "DEVELOPMENT OF FOREIGN TRADE ACTIVITIES", the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation dated 15 April 2014 No. 330.

Souzconsalt Transfer Technology has been successfully working since 2008 for the accelerated creation of modern technological base, development of competitive high-tech products, the development of the institutional environment that ensure a civilized transfer of intellectual property to the economy. The creation of new businesses based on modern technological developments.

Souzconsalt Transfer Technology offers the following actions for enterprises in Russia and abroad:

· Search for partners, investors, technologies and equipment;
· Research, preliminary negotiations, legal support of transactions;
· Engineering, product creation, promotion;
· Financial support of projects (credit for export operations);
· Project of joint production, logistics, management;
· Attracting of technological experts (headhunting of technological experts);
· Information support at seminars, symposiums, exhibitions;
· Training of employees of enterprises participating in the innovation process;

We are ready to answer your questions in case of your interest.

Paladiev Oleg Chairman of the Board NIE Souzconsalt
Паладьев Олег Николаевич
Председатель совета директоров
Сеть международных экспертов "Союзконсалт"
тел: +7 4997695225
моб.тел +7 9169906144
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