Souzconsalt - международный проектный офис

Сеть международных экспертов "Союзконсалт" - международный проектный офис для вашего бизнеса
Сеть международных экспертов "Союзконсалт" - экспорт, импорт, локализация, трансфер технологий.
Сеть международных экспертов "Союзконсалт" - инфраструктура развития человеческого капитала.
Сеть международных экспертов "Союзконсалт" - проектная команда более 1000 экспертов, собственников бизнеса.
Сеть международных экспертов "Союзконсалт" - эксперты обладающие знаниями в своем кластере.
Сеть международных экспертов "Союзконсалт" - в основе развития лежит научная концепция Эгомаркетинг.

We will organize a business mission for your company in Russia

We will organize a business mission for your company in Russia

Money loves silence. We organize meetings for business when you come to a truly interested business owner in Russia. You negotiate determine the benefits for yourself and your partner
-We find a partner
-We will send you an invitation for a visa
- Meet and accompany negotiations

Find a partner in Russia in Moscow

1. You send information. about company registration
- about your company
- about your products
- requirement for a partner
2. We do a search, and we select you 3 potential partners
-we are conducting a security check
-we conduct preliminary negotiations and make a presentation
3. We confirm that partners are found
- we conclude a contract with you (price $ 1000)
-you pay
4. We will organize a meeting
-in Moscow, or in your city
-in Internet
5. The result of 3 potential partners from which you choose one

We are ready to find a supplier (exporter, manufacturer) from Russia.

The application form should be written on the letterhead of your company, addressed to me.
Content of the application:
1.Product name, customs code
2.Options and periodicity of deliveries, requirements for shipment
2.Сomfortable for you the price of the goods


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